Volunteer Situations Available


We have opportunities for you to help the project in lots of different ways. If you would like to assist with any of the roles below, contact us at info@LMS10000.co.uk or on 07551 621685.

Diesel locomotive engineers

We are looking for people with experience in the technical aspects of maintaining diesel locomotives, to add to the engineering team.


We have need for someone with prior experience of raising funds for charities.  

This is a job that can be done from home. 

Gift Aid manager

We need someone who has experience of collating and claiming Gift Aid. 

Local volunteers (Derby)

Volunteers who live in the Derby area are needed to increase public familiarity with the project, to organise local media articles including radio and tv.  

Ideally living in the Derby, Derbyshire or surrounding area. 

Local supervisor (Derby)

We require a Team Leader who can lead a local team of volunteers.

Ideally living in the Derby, Derbyshire or surrounding area.

An artists impression of how our new shed might look when completed


Our needs: A covered restoration base


The need

We need covered acomodation in which parts can be restored.  This could be as simple as a steel-framed 'work and shelter' tunnel shed costing £17k minus transport and erection.  Sponsorship welcome such as a package including the building's name.  

We also need a shed in which 58022 can be disassembled, items stored, then 10000 constructed.  We would like to be able to invite donors and interested members of the public to inspect progress at such a site.  

There are three options detailed here.If a company would like to sponsor the shed we would be keen to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement with them.  If such a shed was large then we would be interested in sharing the facility with other heritage groups, subject to agreements.
If you are able to assist us with a suitable building, please contact us at  info@LMS10000.co.uk or on 0755I62I685

1. Building donated

The cheapest option would be to locate a suitable existing steel framed building that could be donated to the society.  We estimate it would cost £30k to transport and reassemble a building. 

2. Build from scratch

Building a new shed would give us a purpose built facility, but would be the most expensive option. We estimate that a new building would cost around £100k.  

3. An existing building

We do not necessarily need a building linked to a railway line in order to store and restore parts and equipment.  We would be happy to consider options to use industrial units as a restoration and storage base.