Benefits for donors

The following benefits are offered to donors.  Donors of £24+ per year are automatically entitled to be members at no extra cost, and must complete a membership form to have that membership activated.    Click here to become a member. 

At our September 2018 meeting members decided to name the levels of benefits for donors "Notches" in honour of 10000's notched driver's controller.  

Notch level    Total donations made

Notch 1            £24 - £59

Notch 2           £60 - £119

Notch 3           £120 - £239

Notch 4           £240 - £499

Notch 5           £500 - £1499

Notch 6           £1500 - 

Notch 7           TBA

Notch 8           TBA

Notch 1 –  All donors can become members and will receive copies of the Society newsletter, be able to do voluntary work toward 10000’s re-creation, be invited to society events and have voting rights at meetings.  

Notch 2 - will receive a discounted ticket price on one of 10000’s first trains in addition to Notch 1 benefits. 

Notch 3 - will be offered a free seat on one of 10000’s first public trains in addition to Notch 1 and 2 benefits. 

Notch 4 - will be offered a cab ride in 10000 along with Notch 1 - 3 benefits. 

Notch 5 - will be offered a free seat on 10000’s first passenger train in addition to the benefits offered to Notch 1 - 4 members. Those people who were Life Members in the previous annual membership system are automatically entitled to Notch 5 benefits.  

Notch 6 - will be offered a driver experience package, including an opportunity to drive 10000 along with all Notch 1 - 5 benefits.

Notch 7 - TBA

Notch 8 - TBA

Click here to become a member. 


(a)  Members aged below 18 are not permitted to vote in society meetings.  

(b)  Driver experience is for 18+ and not on public trains.  

(c)  All benefits are subject to arrangement, availability and conditions of third parties.  

(d) All previous donations are included in the donations total.