Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

Frequently asked questions

Will it be an exact copy of the original loco ?

The new 10000 will look like, sound like and perform like the original.  Modern safety standards, even for 25mph running, mean that it will not be an exactly similar D16/1 in all respects.  

The essential aspects such as the power unit and bogies are correct.  Modern systems will be used where appropriate such as reduced capacity fuel storage in modern containers.  

Any modern features will be within the frame and so will not detract from the appearance, sound or performance. 

Are you building a second one ?

Costs involved in constructive motive power are high, and should a high level of funding become available, it is a technical possibility, but an unlikely scenario. 

Financing a second example would be likely to be twice as hard as raising the money for a unique loco.  

Given that original power units are not commonly available, we would rather use a second power unit for spares and repairs rather than using two in traffic and having no spares available. 

How long will it take and how much will it cost ?

The locomotive can be constructed within ten years.  The deciding factor is income.  

Estimates suggest a figure of £750,000 for the full project, which is half the construction cost of a similarly powered new-build steam locomotive.    

What stage are you at ?

We are at the stage of collecting components.  Planning and research has taken thousands of hours to date.   Before all components are acquired it has been necessary to plan for a number of scenarios according to parts available.

Next stages include purchase and restoration of bogie frames, purchase or overhaul of traction motors, auction of 58022's cabs and disposal of unrequired parts from the 58.  

Where are you based ?

Our 16SVT power unit and class 58 locmomotive are located at Peak Rail in Derbyshire.

Our bogies are currently at Swanwick on the Midland Railway - Butterley.  

Will 10000 haul trains on the mainline ?

Following the Society AGM held on Saturday 28th April 2018, we can now make the following statement regarding the future operation of 10000;

At this time, the position agreed by the society is that 10000 will not operate on the mainline.
Several reasons for this decision were discussed at the AGM, the key points being;

· To recreate 10000 will be a very costly exercise. To create a mainline standard locomotive will increase those costs very significantly.

· Our aim is to recreate 10000 as closely as possible to the original. Mainline operation would require a number of additional alterations to meet modern safety standards, which would detract significantly from that aim.

· The benefits of mainline operation do not justify the cost and alterations required. Other operators are already experiencing difficulties finding enough business for their locomotives, and we cannot expect to benefit from the type of interest raised by mainline steam operation.

· By the standards of todays railway, 10000 will not be a particularly powerful engine, with an engine rated at 1,600hp. It would not be practical, or in the interests of the locomotive, to operate the size of trains we would require to generate the necessary revenue.

· Maintenance costs for a mainline standard locomotive are significantly higher than for operation on heritage railways, and as stated above, mainline running is not expected to bring in high levels of revenue.

I realise that this statement will be a disappointment to some, but I hope you will understand the reasons given, and continue to support us as we recreate the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000.

Mark Walker
Chair, Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society