Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

The CoCo Club

The LMS 10000 Co-Co Club

The Coco Club is easy to join and costs just £5 a month.  Every 3 months, a prize draw will be held.  The winners will share 50% of the prize fund with the remaining 50% going to the Presidents Centenary Appeal to help us recreate 10000.  

There is no limit on the number of members, or the number of £5 entries you can make each month.  The prize money for each draw will be 50% of the funds held so the more entries, the more there will be to win!  The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be 70%, 20% and 10% of the prize money.

Draws will be held in the first week of April, July, October and January.

Why the 'CoCo Club'?

As well as being Britain’s first mainline diesel locomotive, 10000 was also the first British Co-Co locomotive in traffic. Co-Co is the notation used by railways for a locomotive with two bogies, each with three axles powered by electric transmission.

For more details, and to join the club, click here to download our leaflet.

The CoCo Club constitution

Objective: To raise money through the operation of a fundraising club in order to support the aims and objectives of the Ivatt Diesel Re-creation Society.

Membership: Membership will be open to all members of the public who are 18 years old or over.

Trustees: The Club is to be administered by the trustees of the Ivatt Diesel Re-creation Society. Trustees may not subscribe. The Club treasurer will be appointed by the trustees and will be responsible for keeping the accounts of the club and for arranging payment and prizes. The IDRS trustees will be responsible for allocating the surplus income to IDRS projects each year. In any matter relating to the Co-Co Club the decision of the IDRS trustees shall be final.

Subscription: The subscription payable to the club is £5 per month per entry, payable monthly in advance. There is no restriction on the number of entries to which an individual member may subscribe. Payments must be made by Standing Order and must have been cleared through the banking process on or before 20th March, 20th June, 20th September or 20th December. Payments received after midnight on those dates will roll over to the following quarter’s draw.

Draw dates: Draws will be made in the first week of April, July, October and January. Every member shall be allocated a roll number for each entry in the draw. The winning roll numbers will be selected by online random number generator such as

Prizes and draws: 50% of the net payments shall make up the prize fund, of which, 70%, 20% and 10% will be the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes awarded. Payment of each prize will be made by a banking transfer. If the Trustees are unable to pay or contact a winner, any prize not claimed or paid after 12 months will be added into the next prize fund. Money paid for entries does not contribute to your total under “benefits for donors”.

Accounts: The treasurer of the Club shall be required to maintain the Club accounts and report to IDRS trustees. All members shall have the right to inspect the Club records in person upon giving the treasurer not less than 7 days notice prior to the inspection.

Data protection: As a condition of entry to the Club members consent to their details being retained solely for the purpose of administering the Club and agree that these details may be stored electronically as well as in writing for as long as the trustees deem necessary for the purposes of auditing the activities of the Club. No details will be sold on or provided to any other organisations except as required by British law.

Disputes: In the event of a dispute the majority decision of the IDRS trustees, acting within British law, will be final and there shall be no appeal.

Registered with Sunderland Council under part 5 of schedule 11 to the Gambling Act 2005. 17 January 2019



The April club draw was made on the 1st of April 2020.

1st prize £120.75 Mr Essame

2nd prize £34.50 Mr Taylor

3rd prize £17.25  Mr Overton

The January Club draw  was on 12th January 2020

1st prize £110.25 Mr P Evans

2nd prize £31.50 Mr H Bolton

3rd prize £15.75 Mr P Scott

2019 raffle results

The raffle was drawn on 24 November.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.  We made £1303 which will be used toward the aim of recreating 10000

1st prize - P Scott

2nd prize - P Stanbridge

3rd prize - D Card