Photo galleries

Gallery 1: The beginning

Pictures of the construction and handover of the twins

Gallery 2: Black and Silver

Pictures of the twins in their original black and silver livery

Gallery 3: The green years

Pictures of the twins after their repaint into green livery

Gallery 4: The end

The final days of  the twins, stored, withdrawn and scrapped

Gallery 5: 58022 at Peak Rail

Class 58022, which will donate its frame and other components to the recreation of 10000 (All pictures copyright IDRS)

Gallery 6: The 16SVT Engine

Our original English Electric 16SVT engine, which will be the heart of the rebuilt 10000 (All pictures copyright IDRS)

Gallery 7: The EM2 bogies

Pictures of the EM2 bogies at the Midland Railway Centre, which we hope to purchase. (All pictures copyright IDRS)

Engine working party 25/8/18

  A short video of the working group carrying out some cleaning and maintenance on the 16SVT engine at Peak Rail on 25th August 2018