Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

Stan Fletcher's Presidents Appeal


Stan Fletcher is President of this charity

Back in 1947 he was a commissioning engineer with English Electric for the London Midland & Scottish Railway’s new D16/1 design diesel loco 10000 and its twin 10001. They were Britain’s first successful main line diesel locomotives.  Stan became involved when the loco was only a frame in the workshop in Derby.  He accompanied the Twins during their trial runs on the Midland and West Coast main lines, including their first Royal Scot run on 1st June 1949.  

Aged ninety-nine and turning 100 in March 2020, Stan is eager to see progress with the project to re-create 10000.  Here, is his appeal to all Britain’s railway enthusiasts. 

“ I look forward to the next stage of progress toward re-creating 10000. To achieve this we need parts from classes that are still in service are likely to be withdrawn soon.   It is essential that we have the resources to obtain parts as they become available.  

We also need sufficient money to purchase parts, restore and construct others and to certify the design.   Would you please help me to raise these funds in my 100th year.  

In October 2018 I was interviewed on video for the project’s benefit, sharing my memories of 10000 and my time with English Electric. You can find those recordings on our gallery page.

update - january 2020

After a year of fundraising we have sent out a press release describe the urgent need for more donations to this Appeal:

We currently have a unique and one-off opportunity to obtain parts and spares to complete our ‘shopping list’ of major items for the construction of 10000. 

This includes traction motors and a large quantity of bogie spares from Holland, cooler groups and electrical equipment including alternators. These items are available to us but only if we move quickly - its now or never.

That’s the good news. The issue is that all of this equipment needs to be moved in a short space of time, during which we are already financially committed to moving two power units, lifting, stripping and moving the bogies and chassis, getting our new sleeper coach ready for volunteer use and covering the ongoing costs for our new Centenary Works building. Combined, an additional £30,000 will be needed. 

To take up these fantastic opportunities, we need to raise funds to lift and transport these large and heavy items within the limited time they are available to us. Some of the items have been offered as donations if we are able to fund the transport, and all are in dry stored or running condition. 

Please help the LMS10000 Project in any way you can to allow us to take advantage of these once in a lifetime opportunities.

Donations can be made by single payment or monthly instalments. 

All regular monthly donors are entitled to membership at no extra costs. You choose the rate you want to donate monthly. The average amount given is £10 a month. The more you donate the more benefits you accrue. 

One off donations by cheque made out to the Ivatt Diesel Re-creation Society, 46 Biddick Village Centre, Washington, NE38 7NP, Direct banking to 30-94-77 50405860 or by Paypal via the website 


What do you get for your donation?

There are lots of benefits available to donors, from discounted tickets to a driver experience package. The more you donate, the bigger the benefits. Click on the button to find out more.

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5 videos have been released, covering interviewsFollow this link to listen to Stan talk about his experiences.

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Stan is the younger of two engineers boarding 10000 at Euston on the 1st of June 1949 for the twins' inaugrual Royal Scot.