Benefits for members

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Membership is available by monthly or lump sum donations.   Donors will automatically become members of the Society unless donations are made anonymously.  

At our September 2018 meeting members decided to name the levels of benefits for donors "Notches" in honour of 10000's notched driver's controller.  

Notch level    Total donations made

Notch 1            £24 - £59

Notch 2           £60 - £119

Notch 3           £120 - £239

Notch 4           £240 - £499

Notch 5           £500 - £1499

Notch 6           £1500 - 

Notch 7           TBA

Notch 8           TBA

Notch 1 –  All members will receive copies of the Society newsletter, be able to do voluntary work toward 10000’s re-creation, be invited to society events and have voting rights at meetings.  

Notch 2 - will receive a discounted ticket price on one of 10000’s first trains in addition to Notch 1 benefits. 

Notch 3 - will be offered a free seat on one of 10000’s first public trains in addition to Notch 1 and 2 benefits. 

Notch 4 - will be offered a cab ride in 10000 along with Notch 1 - 3 benefits. 

Notch 5 - will be offered a free seat on 10000’s first passenger train in addition to the benefits offered to Notch 1 - 4 members. Those people who were Life Members in the previous annual membership system are automatically entitled to Notch 5 benefits.  

Notch 6 - will be offered a driver experience package, including an opportunity to drive 10000 along with all Notch 1 - 5 benefits.

Notch 7 - TBA

Notch 8 - TBA

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(a) Members aged below 18 are not permitted to vote in society meetings.  

(b)  Driver experience is for 18+ and not on public trains.  

(c)  All benefits are subject to arrangement, availability and conditions of third parties.  

(d) All previous donations are included in the donations total.