We need your help to raise £40,0000

To get from here....

One of the bogies we are hoping to purchase, currently at the Midland Railway Centre in Derbyshire.

....to here!

One of the new bogies during the construction of the twins. Photo courtesy of the Science Museum

So far the Society has raised the necessary funding to purchase a 16SVT engine and a Class 58 locomotive, which is a direct descendant of 10000 and was designed by some of the same people at Derby. This will form the chassis of the re-created 10000. 

Now it is time to purchase and overhaul the bogies, the sole surviving available example of the right pattern bogies designed by Edward Fox at Derby, and previously used under a Class 77 electric loco. These bogies are essentially identical to that of 10000’s bogies but will need a full restoration before use with 10000. They are currently owned by the EM2 Society, and situated at Swanwick Junction. An independent assessment of their condition has already been provided. 

We estimate the cost of purchase and restoration will be around £40,000. Please help us to raise the necessary funds - every contribution, large or small, will help achieve our goal.  Regular donors are offered membership of the Society without further charge.  

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Cheque - to The Treasurer, IDRS, 46 Biddick Village, Washington, NE38 7NP

Online banking -  our bank details:  Lloyds Bank - account number 50405860 / sort code 30-94-77 

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Please email us to let us know you have donated, so we can add your donation into our tally of benefits you will be entitled to.  info@LMS10000.co.uk

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