Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000Reconstructing the legend that was, and will be, LMS 10000

We urgently need your help to raise funds to move our engines to their new home. Click on the button to donate. Thanks! 

The 'Buy a Metre' appeal


In 1947 English Electric produced a series of power units for use by New South Wales’ Dept of Railways. However the order was cancelled after the power units had been built. They were subsequently provided to the RAF as reserve generators. 

In 2012 we acquired one of these 16SVT power units, number IH1861, following the successful Buy-a-Litre appeal. 

The RAF have now offered unit IH1863 to us, another of the engines originally destined for Australia. In order to be saved it has to be removed from the RAF base before demolition contractors move in. The intention is to fully overhaul IH1863, and exchange it with IH1861 if and when that unit requires attention or overhaul, to minimise the time that 10000 spends out of service.

A secure haven in the Midlands has been arranged for both English Electric engines but we need to raise £3,000 per engine to transport them to this covered accommodation, including extracting IH1863 on skates from the RAF building. 

So the Buy-a-Metre appeal has been launched to rescue IH1863. It has to be moved out of the building on skates, craned to a lorry then moved again on skates at its destination; a rough distance of 30 metres in total, so we are inviting supporters to sponsor (‘buy’) a metre at the rate of £100 per metre. 

In return for helping to save IH1863 and get both our engines under cover, donors will receive certificates and have their names inscribed on a plaque inside the finished locomotive. 

If you have donated before, your donation will also be added to your cumulative total under the “benefits for donors” scheme. If you are a new donor, click here to find out about the benefits of becoming a donor. Among the benefits offered is the opportunity to ride 10000’s earliest trains. 

Donations can be made by cheque to The Treasurer, Ivatt Diesel Re-creation Society, 2 The Square, Bestwood Village, Nottingham, NG6 8TS or by clicking on the donate button at the top of the page,